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Greetings and a warm welcome to Created 4 Me. This is the story of how Created 4 Me was established and the goals we hope to accomplish.

After spending my entire career in sports communications, I decided to take a "temporary retirement" from the work force in 1998 to spend more time with my children, who were 9 and 6 at the time. I had worked for such notable organizations as the National Basketball Association in New York, The Metro Athletic Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and the College Football Association in Boulder, Colorado. Over the course of 16 years I produced close to 500 publications. My love for creating books and publications began in high school when I was entrusted as the editor of the yearbook my senior year.

Over the four and a half years away from work I kept busy carting my children to activities. During that time I kept kicking around ideas for a business that would allow me to set my own schedule while still playing an important role in my children's lives.

During these years many friends and relatives had started families and I was never able to find just the right baby gift or holiday gift for pre-schoolers. I was always looking for a gift that was educational for the child but could also be treasured by the child and parents. The idea of a personalized children's book that I created from scratch became my goal. One night while watching "The Late Show with David Letterman" the marquee at the beginning of the show caught my attention. I envisioned putting a child's name in the marquee and I suddenly had the theme for the book and the title - My Name in Lights. I immediately started jotting down my thoughts, which led to dancing letters and a stage with animated performers representing those letters. One phone call to a printer who I had worked with years before set the ball rolling and My Name in Lights became official in May 2003 under the company name "Created 4 Me."

I was very fortunate to find Bob Fuller, a children's illustrator in Denver. When I communicated my brainchild to Bob he was able to put my ideas into a sketch in a matter of minutes. I knew immediately that I wanted him to create the illustrations for the book! Bob is a nationally known illustrator who has a line of products he has developed with Russ Berrie.

I have set out to create a fun book that captures a child's attention while helping them learn to spell their name and recognize the letters of the alphabet. Our company is dedicated to operating a business that will get the product to the customer as quickly as possible. I hope you and your children enjoy the book as much as I have producing it.

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