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Created 4 Me Frequently Asked Questions

The information below provides answers to questions you may have about Created 4 Me. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.


Is my purchase guaranteed?
Your book is guaranteed to arrive just as the order information was received.  If a book or placemat arrives with an error or is damaged in shipping, we will remake the book and ship it to you at now charge.  If there is a problem with your order please contact us by phone toll free (1-888-887-6263), fax (1-888-828-6263) or email us at info@created4me.com as soon as possible. We guarantee all books and placemats for 30 days past the day they are shipped.

Will pages repeat in my book if the child's name has more than one of the same letter?
Probably not. There are 75 different stage illustrations and 102 overall illustrations. While we hope that no pages will appear twice in a book, there is a possibility of a page repeating if there is more of a specific letter in a name than we have illustrations for. If that happens, we will go back to the first in the series of illustrations.

Can I request specific pages?
Unfortunately, no. We wish we were able to take requests, but we cannot. Books are put together according to a specific sequence we've set up at Created 4 Me.

What if the child has a hyphenated last name?
We are happy to accommodate hyphenated last names. Please include the hyphen when spelling the child's last name.

Is there a limit to how long the name can be?
We are able to accommodate up to four names (first, middle, last, plus one additional name), not to exceed 32 characters.

If I have my book gift-wrapped, what if I want to see what it looks like before I present the gift?
The gift boxes are designed so the cover comes off easily, allowing you to inspect the book. Sorry - no gift-wrapping is available for posters or placemats.

What if I spell the child's name wrong?
Please check and double check the spelling of the child's name. Once we receive the order, we create the book around the specific name we are provided. If the spelling we receive is incorrect, we will have to start from scratch to build the book with a completely new order.


When will I receive my order?
If you choose USPS Priority Mail for your order, we guarantee delivery to you within two weeks from the day we receive the order. However, delivery time will probably be sooner than that. If you select express mail delivery, we will have your order to you on or about the fourth full business day from the day your ordered is placed. Created 4 Me needs two business days to custom prepare your book before shipping. Please note that orders placed after 5 pm, Monday-Friday, or over the weekend, will be processed on the next full business day.

Is it safe to use my credit card?
Yes! Your transaction will be processed by Verisign and will be transferred using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). The SSL encrypts the information into an indecipherable code before it is transmitted and processed immediately. In fact, even we never see your credit card number!

Will any of my information be shared with other companies?
No. The information you provide us to complete your order will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any other parties.

How much is delivery for books?
If you select USPS Priority Mail, your order will arrive two to three days after it has shipped.  Postage will be automatically calculated when you order. On orders of three or more books, we'll include a Cast of Characters poster and USPS Priority Mail shipping for the poster free of charge.  On orders of six or more books, shipping is free if all books are going to the same address.

The prices below reflect delivery within the 50 United States.

Shipping and Handling, USPS Priority Mail (Two to Three Day Delivery)
1 book, $7.95
2 books, $14.95
3 books, $15.95
4 books, $15.95
5 books, $17.95
6 or more books, FREE!

Can I rush delivery?
If you would like to rush delivery of your order we offer USPS Express Mail. This is overnight delivery to most destinations.  Please note that Created 4 Me needs two full business days to create your book. This means that you will receive your book on the third or fourth business day after you place your order. The prices below will help you determine the cost of expedited delivery.

Shipping and Handling, USPS Express Mail (Overnight to Most US Destinations)
1 book, $21.95
1 book, $42.95
2 books, $42.95
3 books, $42.95
4 books, $43.95
5 books, $47.95
6 books, $50.95
7 books, $54.95
8 books, $57.95
9 books, $62.95
10 books, $66.95
(Remember, on orders of three or more books, we'll include a Cast of Characters poster and shipping for the poster free of charge.)

What if I'd like to send a gift overseas?
We offer international delivery to anywhere in the world via International Air Mail. Once the package leaves our office it will take 4-10 business days to reach its destination. Delivery time is not guaranteed and destinations to Canada can take up to two weeks (three weeks during the holidays) for delivery because of customs. If you have difficulty placing an order with an international shipping address, please feel free to contact us and we will help place your order.

Shipping and Handling, International Delivery via USPS International Air Mail
1 book, $23.95
2 books, $33.95
3 books, $43.95
4 books, $47.95
5 books, $50.95
6 books, $50.95

What about placemat delivery?
Our personalized placemats are sent separately in corrugated mailers.  This protects the placemats from being bent during delivery.  The placemats are sent via USPS Priority Mail.  This is a two-three day delivery.  On orders of 10 or more placemats, shipping is free if all placemats are going to the same address. We do not offer gift-wrapping on the placemats. The prices below reflect delivery within the 50 United States.

1-2 placemats, $7.95
3-6 placemats, $9.95
7-9 placemats, $11.95
10 or more placemats, FREE!

The prices below will help you determine the cost of expedited delivery via USPS Express Mail (overnight to most US destinations) for placemats.

1-3 placemats, $27.95
4-6 placemats, $31.95
7-9 placemats, $34.95
10-12 placemats, $38.95

The prices below are for International delivery (4-10 days from the time the package leaves our office) for placemats.

1-3 placemats, $29.95
4-6 placemats, $35.95
7-9 placemats, $37.95
10-12 placemats, $40.95

What about poster delivery?
The tubes used to pack posters can accommodate several posters. Therefore, the cost of delivery is the same whether you order one or five. We do not offer gift-wrapping on the posters.

Shipping and Handling for Posters
1-5 posters via USPS, $5.95
1-5 posters via USPS Express Mail, $25.95
1-5 posters via International Air Mail, $12.95

Will I be charged tax?
If you ship to the state of Colorado we are required by law to add sales tax (4.75%) to your order. No tax will be charged if you ship to any destination outside of Colorado.

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